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Version 1.20 - Hex Action

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 5. Jul 2013, 22:14
von fsx

Selection section

Zone: A zone you defined. It doesnt work for the “Reserve”-zone.
Hex: The coordinats of a hex-field.
Radius: Radius around the defined hex. Radius 1 is the hex and all hex fields around it.

Change section

If you leave a input box empty, the corresponding map-tile, terrain, string .. will not be changed.
All changes also betreffen the strategical map.
You control all parts of the Change selection. But nothing will be done automatically. If you change the terrain to “City”, you have to change the tile for the hex in this section too. And the string.

The number of the new terrain. You will find the list of terrains it in the terrain.pzdat in the Data folder.

The standard in 1.20 is
0 - Sea
1 - Shallow Sea
2 - Lake
3 - Swamp
4 - Clear
5 - Countryside
6 - Bocage
7 - Forest
8 - Thick Forest
9 - Hills
10 - Mountains
11 - High Mountains
12 - City
13 - Airfield
14 - Port
15 - Fortification
16 - Dunes
17 - Rough Desert
18 - Escarpment
19 - Strait
20 - Jungle

Its recommended, to change the string to the same number, if you change the terrain.
If you change a terrain to city or airfield, the player could deploy purchased units around it.

Terrain Features:
Each input field in the line Terrain Features represents a single feature. The first field Major River, the second River, 3rd Railroad, 4th Road.
The Terrain Features represented a Connection to a neighbor hex-field. The values for each direction are shown in the next Picture.

hex-action_1 Kopie.jpg

If you like to connect the hex-field to more than one other hex, add all values.

Please, let me explain it on an example.
I would add a Bridge. I have to add each direction to go on the Bridge and from the Bridge.

bruecke_1 Kopie.jpg

For the Bridge hex, I have to use the value 2+32 = 34 to leave the bridge.

On the other hexes the values are 2 and 32 to go on the bridge.


A screenshot from the hex Action for the Bridge hex.
Don't forget to change the tile (and sometimes also the string)

Unbenannt-1 Kopie.jpg

Each input field in the line Tiles represents a layer. The sequence of the layers are defines in tileset.pzdat in Graphics folder.
If you add more layers in a mod (4 more are possible), you have to add for each additional layer one input box in the Tiles line (if you will change one tile from the new layers). The file for this is editor_acthex.htm in the folder UI.
If you want to change a tile, you have to find the position number of the tile in the layer. First tile has position 0.
If you have to delete a tile, fill the box with “-1”.

You found the number of a string in the pzloc file for the scenario. Except the terrain strings. They have the same number as the terrain itself.

Re: NOT COMPLETE!! Version 1.20 - Hex Action

BeitragVerfasst: Mo 9. Dez 2013, 08:43
von Uhu
Thanks for this needed information!
My question: is it possible to change deploy hexes to remove the deploy feature? (For example I want to disappear them in the next turn.)

UPDATE: hmm, maybe if I cut the available core slots than it is possible (?).

Re: Version 1.20 - Hex Action

BeitragVerfasst: So 25. Dez 2016, 21:55
von Razz
Very good information.