Beitrag Sa 5. Mär 2016, 10:33

[Open Generals - Panzer General2] Hinweis

Falls ihr es noch nicht bemerkt habt, gibt es schon länger Panzer General 2 kostenlos zum download in der Adlerkorps Edition ... Ft%3D38679


This version of Panzer General II has been modified using the latest user made updates (see list below).

The basic idea was to make something like a “download and play” package of this game, without any nerve-wrecking installation procedures. This package I believe could be very handy for new and also experienced players and will bring more new players to Panzer General II community.

You will find 70 campaigns (see Campaigns List) containing more than 1200 scenarios and 147 of them are playable in multiplayer (see Scenarios List). There have been selected almost all available campaigns which works with the last Adlerkorps Equipment File.


- Updated UK version Panzer General II
- Official SSI patch: pg2ukv102.exe
- Unofficial patch: PG2UK220.exe (PG2AKE.exe)
- Graphic update: 008dat31jan11.exe
- Sound update: Soundup2005.exe & news_soundup2004-2008.exe
- Default Equipment File: Adlerkorps 4000 Beta 0.95 (No Panzergrau Icons)
- 567 mostly user made maps + 119 maps for Challenge Campaigns Pack
- 324 music files and voice briefings + 6 files for Challenge Campaigns Pack
- 630 mostly user made sound effects
- 211 mostly user made smacks (videos) + 68 smacks for Challenge Campaigns Pack
- 70 number of user made campaigns
- 147 multiplayer scenarios

Die zahlen sagen alles, unzählige Mods, sei es 1.WK oder Korea Krieg, da ist echt fast alles dabei, auch die Japanischen Kampagnen sind sehr zu empfehlen.
Das bescherrt euch unendlichen Spielspass, und auch auf Modernen Rechner funktioniert das Spiel ( bei mir Windows7)
high fligh..... high fligh.....