Beitrag Fr 3. Mai 2019, 10:32

[Imperator: Rome] Patch 1.01 "Demetrius"

Ave Imperatores! Angriff....

Gestern, am 2. Mai 2019, ist ein Patch für Imperator: Rome erschienen. Dieser trägt den Namen "Demetrius". Was genau wurde geändert?

- Tweaked Mercenaries to be less numerous and a bit more spread out.
- Country Capital now has one extra building slot.
- Fortifications in capitals are now normal buildings, and not something that magically appear. First level is still free.

- Fixed disloyal generals being overly helpful and attacking enemy armies.
- Fixed AI not attacking rebels/barbarians.
- Fixed reserve objective behaving rather offensively.
- Reworked AI reconnaissance objective to patrol on borders rather than around a point.
- Army and fort maintenance is auto set to normal maintenance on outbreak of war.

- Fix to naval combat interface martial skill icon overlap.
- Fixed top-right corner of topbar visually overlapping score indicator.
- Added truces to diplomatic mapmode.
- Tweaked Combat Prediction Indicator to be more accurate.
- Adjusted default UI scaling.
- Tactics view is now scrollable when it needs to be.

- Optimized daily tick to improve stuttering
- Added option to run a benchmark. Use the launch options with ‘-benchmark’ to run a ~4 minute benchmark, testing GPU & CPU.

- The game will no longer resend all diplomatic messages to the player that has been saved, each time the game is loaded.
- You now get new inventions when you get new technology from events, unit abilities and other effects.
- Fixed Out of Syncs related to siege & combat.
- Fixed wrong type of apostrophe being used in English version.
- Barbarians no longer have "TRIBE" in their name.
- Fixed issue where mapicons were showing invalid state (such as ended combat or sieges) after a peace deal.
- Fixed rare crash if province was no longer owned while trying to build a fort.
- Fixed rare crash related to events.
- Saving now happens on a background thread, shows a message and will pause the game in multiplayer.
- Disabled pause menu interaction when saving.
- Fixed bug where in some cases a 'zero' navy or army could exist
- Game will now calculate surplus before removing extra trade routes, to prevent incorrectly removing a trade route.
- Can no longer remove disloyal commanders from their armies
- Combat dice rolls are between 1 and 6 now instead of 0 and 5
- Fixed bug where in some cases a 'zero' navy or army could exist.
- Fixed case where country name would contain unlocalized text.
- Fixed potential crash when returning to lobby in multiplayer.
- Fixed potential crash when unit constructions finishes.
- Permanent province Modifiers will no longer be removed on conquest.
- Stopped the Pharos Lighthouse event chain from occasionally concluding prematurely.
- Updated localization in French, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.
- Fixed party conviction being several magnitudes too large when loading an ironman save.
- Fixed incorrect popup when guarantee is upgraded to alliance.
- Fixed bug where clan chiefs could sometimes have count for more than one.
- Fixed bug where provinces couldn't be searched for when playing with Russian or Chinese language.
- Various fixes to the Paradox account creation interface.
- Fixed searching for lobbies in lobby browser menu
- Fixed ‘november’ crash due to not enough threads available for processing
- Fixed startup crash on windows 7
- Mare Nostrum achievement no longer requires a small part of the northern Spanish coast.
- Fixed bug with barbarian removal in impassables for minor and major spawn points.
- Fix potential oos caused by imprisoning dead characters.
- Fixed bug where the decision to form Kushan did not properly check the current tier of a country
- Forming Cyprus now requires you to be suitably small.
- Fixed ironman permitting different mods when loading save.

Dieser Patch ist nicht kompatibel mit Spielständen der Version 1.0 "Ironman"!